Quit Smoking 101

The Quit Smoking campaign should have worked.

We know that smoking is bad for you, we know the end consequences and we know what happens before those consequences kick in.

Yet smoking in on the rise in teens (especially girls) and young to mid aged people are going to “low tar”, e-cigarettes and more.

Cigars are also on the rise especially in the ages on 20-40. Possibly cigars are a sign of wealth, exclusivity and more BS. You see movie stars use them off movies and movies seem to like them in certain situations.

While we can blame excellent marketing, movies and video games there is also another factor. The person.

I have a different theory of why there is an increase in smoking.

Everything is related to another person. Everything is “it wont happen to me, I can handle this. Anyway, the people you are on about are 60 years old”.

Myths start to fly around online where a younger generation tend to mingle more. Those myths start to become fact and because no-one can see each other, hear each other or even smell each other then you dont see the consequences.

A theory, but a nice one 🙂

So what you need is evidence to back up what you say. Take what was found online and fact check it. Take what people think and fact check it.

What you also find is that the facts affect everyone. Not just one person type.

So when we talk about Diabetes and smoking you will find that:

  • Smoking affects the circulation- especially the small blood vessels
  • Smoking and diabetes affects the larger blood vessels and makes the environment more susceptible to fatty plaque build up
  • Smoking affect the Insulin used to help regulate blood sugars

So that is why all Diabetics are told to quit smoking.

Then when we come to age and smoking- all generations should quit smoking. Here is a picture, who and what is it?


This is Buergers Disease. A circulation condition that can cause ulcerations and gangrene mainly within males 20-40 years of age. It comes from heavy smoking.

When you go online and search forums you find many posts about how low nicotine cigarettes are a “good choice”. Many people swear that they do not get hooked. One even said they had “7 in a row and was fine”. 🙂

This quote is from the British Medical Journal:

…encouraging the smoking of low-nicotine cigarettes may increase exposure to combustion products and not appreciably decrease exposure to nicotine, since the smokers increased the size of their puffs in response to the decreased nicotine yield. BMJ 1981.

Can you see the date of the article?


Since 1981 we have known about these issues. Nothing new.

So I have tried to devise a book outlining the:

  • What people think
  • The Facts

Then I have tried to find out what the research says. Not what one Ex-smoker states but what the research actually states. I have found some research going back to the 70s and they say the same thing as research published today.

Then I tried to find out:

  • How does research say you should quit smoking?

Most of the research has been done over many thousands of volunteers, over many years and within multiple Doctors and clinics. They actually do find the best ways to quit smoking and in one way it was easy as 3 minutes. Seriously, there is a technique where within 3 minutes they observed higher quit rates.

Then we also discuss how to reduce the relapse rates and how to stay smoke free.

All these techniques and research has been collated into the book:

Smoking: The BS, The Facts And How To Stop

quit smoking

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