Most Powerful Affiliate Niche Headlines To Increase CTR

The affiliate niche market is actually not really a hard nut to crack.

What it is in fact is a system of tried and trusted methods that get used time and time again. They get tweaked and then the best get used.

The affiliate niche therefore is actually quite a profitable business model that works very well online.


Because the Internet is a very fast delivery service. It isn’t a money machine, it is a delivery service of your message. So you tend to find offline marketers like Direct Sales work well online- basically the systems are the same. Just quicker and cheaper.

They created and tweaked text and pictures and saw which brought in a better click through rate. oddly enough they found that certain colors, certain words, certain positioning, certain times of the day and even certain delivery methods were much better than others. So they kept the best and tweaked again.

So for example, if they knew that blue was a good color for sales headlines, what if they changed the type of font, what would that do when combined with blue? Then they tried different the exclamation mark, quotes, underlined and asterisks were all tested.

So now you can start to build up a list of what works and what doesn’t. So when you create a new advert you don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time.

So when the huge, vastly profitable Guthy-Renker, promoters of ProActiv start a new commercial they already know what works and what doesn’t. All the commercials are kinda similar. In a way it is to do with branding but ultimately they know that out of a certain amount of people a certain percentage will buy the product when combined with one of their adverts.

The affiliate niche that become popular and profitable are the ones that actually have a system or just tried and tested elements which get repeated again and again.

Ewen Chia (a “back in the day” Internet marketer) is well known for stating that top marketers do not make their money on one product alone. They have multiple income streams set up from one system that works.


When you go online multiple amounts of people are asking “how do I get affiliate stuff to work”. Why aren’t people clicking on my ads etc. You have seen them.

What they fail to realize is that they have never figured out the idea of testing, retesting and keeping what works.

Take for instance my WordPress websites. I have built so many now it is not funny. But I realized that a couple were profitable and working just fine. I went to see what they did and I wrote down their “guts”. I then transferred that knowledge into the other websites and they too became profitable.

What I also discovered was that things could be transferred from one medium to another. So where I used one webpage that got more clicks than others I copied the headline structure and then used it in Adwords advertisements. I then used the same structure on affiliate links.

When you get a “system” you can actually use it anywhere.

Because if you fail to get a desired action- a click, a sign up, an open email or a sale then your ads are clearly not working and your time, money and effort is going to waste.

What I also discovered through my research is that different one affiliate niche can be very different to another affiliate niche.


So for example the fitness niche.

A very common online niche that has quite a bit of competition and for some has very little in the way of sales. Why?

Well what you tend to find is that the actual referring link can be wrong. What I noticed is that the title of the link needs to be powerful rather than descriptive. So:

  • “build up your abs quick click here” is OK,

But CTR was increased when the link was called something else like:

  • “Zero Fat, Insane Abs, 1 Week Or Less- Guaranteed”.

But then in the beauty affiliate niche you need something quite different.

For example:

  • “Buy Chanel Here” is quite a poor link
  • “60% Off Chanel 24/7″ seems to get much more clicks.

It was noticed that descriptive words work less in the beauty affiliate niche than in the fitness niche.

These subtle points are all that is needed to increase your CTR and thus increase your bottom line.

So how do you find out about them?

I have compiled 3 niches:

  • Fitness,
  • Beauty and
  • Travel

…and created 307 lines of sales text. In other words headlines where you add your offer/ affiliate text and then place it into Adwords, Titles, webpages, links or Press Releases.

The cool thing about this is that all the hard work has been taken out of finding a line that sells. I have included all the exclamation marks, the increased click keywords, where to put numbers, where to put your link…everything.

You just have to find an affiliate product that you want to sell, pick a subject line and off you go!

Check out the 307 affiliate niche headlines here.

affiliate niche

Oooh…forgot to say. I have also added 10 evergreen researched advertisement tips. Here’s one of them:

  • Did you know the most clicked on ads are actually ones that are not the same as everything else? Obvious, but I am talking about if you see rectangle ads abound then triangle ads work much better. So those banner ads that you use can be ineffective because they are banner shaped rather than, say circle shaped. When the same type of ads are shown none of the ads actually stick out.

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