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Can Just 45 Minutes Lower Your Blood Pressure?

Here’s How To Do It.

Yes, it is possible to lower your blood pressure. However (there is always a but isn’t there) we don’t want to go “full steam ahead”.

Dropping your blood pressure too quick can be equally as dangerous (especially so if you are on medication). Not many ebooks or “self help guides” will tell you that.

Also you need to check with your Doctor to make sure that anything that you do to lower your blood pressure is not going to react with or change the regime you are already on.

What effectively reduces your blood pressure?

This is the key isn’t it. Well apart from a change in diet and reducing/ stopping “adding foods”- like salt meditation has been proven time and time again to lower your blood pressure with little effort.

Some patients can not do the exercises that the Doctor prescribes because of conditions like arthritis. Here is one statement from a patients from the nhs.uk (The UK Health system website):

Also I am in constant back pain and any undue exercise causes arthritic pains to knees, shoulders etc.

So what do the Doctors do? Increase the medication or even add more medication. This isn’t the problem, the issue is that the type of exercise asked for, can not be done. How about changing the exercise type?

So if you search around on the same forum, you see patients experiencing the benefits of a different exercise regime (again, taken from http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/Blood-pressure-%28high%29/Pages/Introduction.aspx):

This does seem to help and I would recommend any fellow sufferer to consider this method which is broadly based on focused meditation. Anything is better than conventional treatment I feel.

As long as natural treatments are researched and proven, then they can be recommended…but with this “treatment method” you do what you can, when you can…

According to Dr Sarah Brewer in her book “Overcoming High Blood Pressure” she states that 20 studies have proven that patients who have mild to moderate hypertension- meditation works. No side effects and do it in your own time.

And just by taking 10-20 minutes per day, everyday over the course of 1 week can reduce your blood pressure.

No-one really knows exactly why meditation works, but it is thought that the brain produces Theta Waves in response to the exercise. These give waves are associated with creativity, vision and profound relaxation.

It might seem New Age…people holding hands and bells chiming…but it need not be like what they show you in the movies.

Nowadays Meditation can take many different forms (Yoga, Mindful, Moving, Transcendial and Relaxation Response) and strengths (we are going to be using the mild version, to get you started).

A gentle plan that lowers your blood pressure is the best when you first start out.

Things to note:

If you haven’t done exercise for some time, then it is important to ease into regular exercise slowly so that tired unstretched muscles are not shocked into tightness.

Daily exercises will provide a series of limbering up and start to get you moving- so that they will be able to tone your body and mind.

Some cardiovascular exercises will also help– these need not be running, walking is fine. Once you start walking you will find that it will be difficult, but as you walk more and on a regular basis you will be able to walk more, and for longer periods.

You don’t need to do everything at once. The exercises are usually 30 minutes in length, but you can easily chop that down and do 3, 10 minutes routines.

If you feel any pain, stop. Never do anything to pain. This is all gentle.

Don’t measure yourself against the Internet. They do not have what you have and making sure that you trey to hit 10,000 steps in a day might be too much for you. Do what you can in the time zone.

Meditation and walking can be useful at home alone or with other people (like a practitioner of relaxation techniques especially if you are new to this).

Day 1 Of the Lower Your Blood Pressure Reduction Plan.

Objective: To slowly introduce stretching and meditation.

1- Stand comfortable with feet apart and shoulders relaxed

2- Slowly drop your head toward your left shoulder. Hold the stretch and count to 5.

3- Repeat on the right side.

Day 2.

Day 1 wasn’t that hard was it? However you tend to find people rush this, they also can’t see the point of stretching the head. But it is accumulative effect. And once you get goings, they won’t take too long to do.

Repeat day 1.

1- Stand comfortably with your feet apart and then clasp your hands behind your head.

2- Pull your elbows forward so they almost touch in front of your face. Then move your elbows out until they are wide apart as possible.

3- Repeat several times. Do this slowly.

Day 3.

Repeat day 1 and 2.

1- Stand with your feet roughly shoulder width apart.

2- Slowly raise your arms above your head. Let the spine become long

3- Keep you shoulders relaxed and bring your fingertips together.

4- Slowly lean to the left with your upper body and slightly feel the stretch to the right side.

5- Repeat by leaning to the right.

Day 4.

Repeat days 1-3.

1- Extend your arms in front of you.

2- Interlink your fingers and turn your palms outward.

3- Stretch your hands forward and hold for 10 seconds.

So How is it going?

It’s not really that bad is it? Once you get in a routine, you will actually start to have fun with this, do it more quickly and it will immerse itself into your routine. Enjoy it, you are doing just great!.

Day 5.

Repeat days 1-4.

1- Stand comfortably with your feet apart and your hands on your hips.

2- Don’t move your lower body, but rotate your upper body and hips to the right as far as you can and then back again. Then repeat but rotating to the left side.

3- Repeat 5 times per side.

Remember to concentrate on breathing. Inhaling and exhaling. Talk to yourself- breath in, breath out- and say it. If you think and talk about your breathing then you can not think about anything else- it frees up your mind.

What this is…it is actually a warm up.

This can lower your blood pressure, but it also needs to be done in combination with other things. So, you must also eat properly (so many Doctors and so many people say so, but it is hard to reduce something that you have eaten for most of your life). You must also walk.

Walking is a great exercise for any age and just walking has an immense benefit to all that do it. If you can not walk that far, just walk what you can, and then increase safely the distance by 2 feet, then 4 feet…

Diet plays such a big part in trying to lower your blood pressure. For instance. High sugars produce inflammation on your blood vessels which the body then tries to calm down with fats. The fats build up reducing the amount of blood going through the now small blood vessel- which increases blood pressure: (picture from http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-atherosclerosis.htm)

lower your blood pressure

No one said we were athletes and no-one should expect you to be one. So mild exercise, mild stretches all help. But they have to be combined with eating differently…and truth be told- the diet that we should all be using.

Many books promote these common blood pressure remedies- [hint, they are all false].

  1. Natural remedies can lower your blood pressure. Some might have “some effect” however others can cause problems. Take for example Ginseng. It can cause insomnia, headaches and might even increase your blood pressure.
  2. High doses of fish oil is useful. Maybe, but high doses can also gives high doses of Vitamin A and E- which are toxic at large doses
  3. All “pharma” meds are bad. Actually many are based upon natural remedies
  4. Tai Chi. Many studies, many poor studies. Not that effective when compared with other simpler techniques.

Blood pressure has been researched to death. The problem is, many people do not want to believe the simplest methods for reducing your blood pressure. They believe that some natural plant leaf will do a better job. It might, but independent research is not on your side.

So for instance, I haven’t covered juicing.


Because too much juicing is bad for you and you have to know what to mix. Detox diets can be bad- they can reduce valuable vitamins and minerals and can cause a lack of energy. Your body has a great detox system in place. Get rid of your junk food and beverages and within 48 hours or so your body normally detoxes itself- ’tis the power of the Liver and Kidneys.

There are about 51 really easy ways To lower your blood pressure. Sure, there maybe some more out there, but in reality they are all based upon the 51.

If you like this and want to find out more ways to lower your blood pressure then check out this cool resource:

lower blood pressure

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All the best.

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