LDENetwork started in 2008 when my wife and I emigrated to Canada with 2 suitcases and determination. Within a year we had created L&D Footcare- a Chiropody business (dealing with peoples feet) and operated out of Chatham Ontario. It was a great time and within 3 years we had a full clinic of 5 days a week. Here’s the clinic:


What we didnt realise is that Chatham had already 2 Chiropody clinics and mobile nursing doing footcare.

These were good businesses and people. L&D had to differentiate itself. So we veered towards general patient care offering patients what they wanted rather than what we thought they wanted and what everyone else offered.

This major shift in thought process caused our prices to be different (similar to the competitors) and fair. Business increased. A national competitor dropped their prices almost overnight. We were still busy 🙂

Then the dawn of children came about and the clinic couldn’t run by itself with one person at the helm. So the company divested its patients.

Throughout the early time of L&D we realised one important piece of information quite quickly. We were being asked questions not from patients but from health professionals (footcare nurses, Doctors etc) on various footcare techniques and processes. These professionals would then refer patients to us.

So LDENetwork was born in 2008/2009. An educational company that was separate from the clinical company and dealt with educational materials within the healthcare setting without being solely footcare niche.

This was difficult. Healthcare was obviously a very broad subject and footcare was too niche. Just look online for various different footcare ailments or products and there are tons. More than what should be and many which are wrong but the patient would not know. And chopping through that clutter? Not that easy or cheap.

So when you are in a dilemma what do you do? So we decided to do everything. We did the following:

  • partner with companies
  • create a website portal
  • create books, texts and ebooks
  • consult
  • speak…and much more

Each one had a positive and negative. What we didn’t realise in the very early days was that to get everything written down before agreements came about. There are many people who have used our ideas to create additional revenues for their business, companies that have increased their market cap on meetings that took place and even our work has been plagiarized multiple times.

That gives you a bit of a hit.

But we strived on, knowing that if our ideas, concepts and actual work was being used then it was actually working quite well 🙂

So we continued and still do to this day.

One online company increased their visitor attention by 31%. This then allowed the visitor to assess the materials on the site better, allowed the company to rank that little bit higher in the SERPS, increased social shares and increased indirect revenue (buying from exploring rather than jumping directly into the site on a product).

LDENetwork creates its own variety of products depending upon what the audience requires- not necessarily following what is the “new fad or niche”.

LDENetwork prides itself on quality, research and effectiveness at giving you the answers.

All the best!

Dominic, Content Director.