LDENetwork is a company specialising in professional products that sell.

Starting in 2008 LDENetwork has been “behind the scenes” crafting products for professionals online and offline. Including the following fields:

  • Magazines
  • Online PLR companies
  • Electronic Podcasts
  • Health businesses

Trust and relationships are very important for us therefore

  • We don’t publicize our work or who we worked for
  • We only work with a selected amount of merchants
  • Products are only developed if it can produce an effective highest effective revenue potential (HERP)

Only releasing products when they are compared to our high standards and assessment system (HSAS). Each product is rigorously tested to ensure the HERP.

Our company is designed as one company, offering a single set of core values laser focusing in on our clients to achieve HERP.

The quality of our people is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients. We expect our team to understand our goals and objectives and be effective in realizing the HSAS for every clients served.